Recovery Toolbox

The Recovery Toolbox is here! The first workbook of its kind created by women in recovery, for women in recovery. This workbook wasn’t written by doctors, PhDs, or psychologists. Just like the Big Book of AA and the Basic Text of NA, this workbook was written by women in recovery.

The Recovery Toolbox acts as a journal, filled with all the tools that helped us most in our own recovery. It’s filled with 50+ pages of worksheets, how-tos and affirmations to help you kickstart your journey to recovery, or to help supplement your current program and give you an extra edge and a renewed sense of recovery fuel!

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What Others are Saying

I’m half way through it so far, and what an amazing workbook. You have some incredible talent and the recovery community is so blessed that you’re here to share them with others

Amber Rose

Founder of The Amber Rose Recovery Project

it’s amazing! […] like a journal. That’s so awesome! What’s great about it is that so many of us talk about keeping a journal, but never do it! I can’t wait to sit with it and read and write!!

Mike F.

Founder of Sober Press

*Real review. Not actual photo

This would be wonderful to give everyone to work on independently. I love that you said try everything once, keep what works and pass on the rest.

Heather B.

Woman’s Group Leader, Recovery Coach

Very well done!! I will print it and use it in my classes

Catrina C.

Recovery Coach

*Real review. Not actual photo

Power in a PDF

What Will I Get?

A PDF copy of everything you need to begin or progress in your recovery journey.

A supplement–not a replacement–to your current program or path of recovery.

All the tips and tricks that helped us in our recovery, right in your computer.

One-on-one coaching, lifetime updates to future editions of the workbook.

Access to our private social network on-site and access to our private Facebook group.

An amazing group of women and support system here for you whenever you need us.

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What to expect

What’s Included

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What Are You Waiting For?

Lifetime Support

We’re Here for You

Recovery is hard. But it is possible and it is so worth it! Believe me when I say that if I can do it, you can too! Join our small group of strong, committed women in recovery to help you along your journey–day and night, no matter what!

Whatever your program of recovery, regardless whether you have a program, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way. Video meetings, text chat, phone calls–whatever your comfort level is, we’ll meet you there and then help you expand it!


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