We Need People Like YOU.

What’s the Buzz All About?

RecoveryBees is all about women like you and me, women in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, mental illness, abuse, and more. We are a community of women who gather together, virtually or in person, to offer support, love, acceptance, understanding, and unity.

We have no rules or requirements for membership or for
our volunteers. We have a community forum, a blog, and a private Facebook group, and all are in need of kind, compassionate, responsible women in recovery who enjoy giving back and helping others.

Open Opportunities

These are the positions we are currently looking to fill at RecoveryBees. Our ideal applicant for any of these positions is a female with a passion for helping others who is responsible, driven, motivated, and recovery-minded. We want our team to be passionate about the work we do, above all else. If you apply for a position, or multiple positions, and only wish to perform some of the duties of that job–that’s okay! As a RecoveryBee Volunteer, you set your own rules. While there is no ‘contract,’ we will work together on an agreement for each applicant; that is, a concrete list of duties that each volunteer wishes to take on, what days/times she is willing and able to perform these duties, and to what degree she would like to be involved.


Guest Blogger

Contribute a single post or a series of posts to our blog. You may contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or using your real name. Share only what you’re comfortable with and in any subject covered by our blog. At this time we are accepting posts on the topics of recovery, motherhood, and craft tutorials; however, if you have another idea we’re happy to hear it!

In exchange for your post or series, you have the option of having your own Guest Blogger profile, including your name, social media links, and any websites or affiliations you’d like to advertise. Use this as free marketing for your own blog, or to kickstart your Influencer career! You also retain the option to become a Featured Blogger at any point following your first post.


Featured Blogger

Featured Bloggers have the same job as Guest Bloggers, but as a Featured Blogger, you may contribute regularly at any point in time, either on a schedule or when inspiration strikes. You’ll have clearance on the RecoveryBees website to submit and edit your own posts whenever you like.

As a Featured Blogger, you may also have your own profile with any information and links you’d like to advertise. You also have the option of your own page on our website to host your professional profile along with your posts. You’ll receive your own subdomain (e.g. author.recoverybees.com) and will work with me closely on editing the page to your liking.


Forum Discussion Leader

As a Forum Discussion Leader, your main role, as the title suggests, is to create topics of discussion on our forum. As long as your posts fit within our rules and fall under the right topics and sub-topics, you have full authority and license to discuss whatever you wish. You will also have the responsibility of keeping up with topics, ensuring that those who need support receive it, that questions are answered factually and respectfully, and that discussions stay reasonably on topic. We aren’t here to police conversations, but we do want to make sure that the forum flows in such a way that everyone knows where they can go for what they need.


Forum Moderator

The role of the Forum Moderator is simply to ensure that everyone follows the rules. Make sure that posts are assigned to the appropriate topics, that members are being supportive and respectful, and that there aren’t any inappropriate posts or comments. It is also partly your responsibility to ensure that there aren’t any sourcing posts (trying to connect with drug dealers or find substances of abuse or medications), that there aren’t any posts requesting or advising on how to pass a drug test, and that any advice given is scientific, factual, respectful, and not harmful, to the best of your ability.

This forum is first and foremost a place for recovery. Our job is to maintain a delicate balance between support and enabling. We don’t shame addicts in active addiction, nor do we support or aide their decisions to continue using. We remember what it was like, but we also know that this disease is life or death. The Forum Moderator has perhaps the most, and the most important responsibility–but none of us are at this alone. We all work together as a team.


Facebook Moderator

The Facebook Moderator has responsibilities similar to the Forum Moderator, but to a lesser extent. Facebook does much of the job for us. As a Facebook Moderator, you will help approve members who meet the requirements (namely that they are female and not spammers or scammers), to check keyword alerts, to tend to member-reported posts and comments, etc. Essentially, just ensure that the rules are followed and members are happy and respectful.


Meeting Host

The Meeting Host! In the near future when RecoveryBees begins holding regular meetings, the Host will be in charge of, well, hosting. We’ll need organizers, planners, speakers, and everything in between. The Meeting Host doesn’t necessarily need to be on camera, but should be able to arrange speakers and discussions, and be comfortable and willing to fill in if need be in case last-minute changes threaten the meeting.

Meetings will be held on Zoom, within the forum, in the Facebook Group, and Live on our social media pages. The Meeting Host has 100% control over what platform she is most comfortable holding meetings on, what the content should be, whether the meeting should be public or private, etc.

In the more distant future, we will need hosts or in-person meetings as well. If this is something you look forward to, please stick around! We have BIG plans here at RecoveryBees!


Social Media Assistant

If you’re good at navigating social media and you love to do it, this opportunity for you! Your roles as a Social Media Assistant can include anything from creating graphics for Instagram to sourcing articles for Twitter, to posting status updates on Facebook and marketing our website and merchandise. As with all the other roles, you are completely in charge of what you are and aren’t comfortable doing. These are volunteer positions and I don’t expect anyone to do anything that that aren’t happy doing. If you won’t want to post certain types of posts on certain platforms, or if you only want to interact in the comments-that’s okay!



We have members from all walks of life who are in need of support. Women from all over the world who need someone to help them through their toughest times and darkest moments to come out on the other side. The role of the Recovery Bees sponsor is to welcome her sponsee to the community and introduce her around. Check in on her and, if you like, give her homework the way any AA or NA sponsor would. Keep an open line of communication at all times and be her first line of support when she needs it. It isn’t an easy job, but it’s a simple one and I believe it comes naturally for many of us. To become a sponsor, fill out the form here and we’ll match you with a sponsee who can most benefit from your experience and personality.

Why Volunteer for RecoveryBees?


Volunteering for RecoveryBees will give you a special place in one of the most fast-growing and supportive communities of women online today. You’ll make lifelong friends who will always be there when you need them. The more you give back, the more you get.


Actions you take in our growing community are rewarded with points redeemable for discounts and coupons in our store! Earn points for referring members, contributing to the blog, commenting on posts, celebrating recovery anniversaries and evenupdating your profile!


Participating in the RecoveryBees Hive community will provide invaluable skills that can easily and directly translate into real-world experience in your personal and professional life. Writing for our blog, moderating our community, and interacting within the community are skills you can add to your resume or use to grow as a person.


In the rooms they say the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. What better (and easier) way to do just that than to do something you already enjoy doing! If you love to read or write, chat online or speak and lead groups–whatever you love to do, there’s a place for you here where you can shine!

…What Are You Waiting For?

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