My Personal Journey

I would like to share my experience of strength and hope.

When I got sober I said to myself that I wanted to get somewhere I have never been, so I must do something I have never done. So, I decided to put myself in a sober house environment.

Personally I did not believe in them but something told me you can probably have a positive impact. I can honestly say I have grown more in the past 6-7 months in a sober living environment than I have ever experienced. I can truly say I am finding myself my true self. Since I never knew who I was.  That’s why when I experimented with drugs, it was easy to fall into that addiction because it gave me the courage to let loose well at first. That’s another story.

This will not be long but I hope it encourages someone to take action and get their life back. You must be ready and willing to change. You will be with other women that have lived through similar situations and struggles and that is definitely helpful. Once you are in a place to help a newcomer, that is the best feeling in the world, to see someone as lost and afraid as you once were and be able to extend a hand a shoulder. That will empower you to continue on your journey and maybe find a position doing just that: helping others, because the best ones to do that is someone with lived experience.

I personally never wanted to speak to anyone that has not gone through something, not just read out of a book. My turning point was finding the best therapist in the world and that lead me to the path of really working on myself, but it definitely started because of the sober living environment. Remember” nothing changes if nothing changes. Please don’t focus on the old people and places; you will lose. That falls off all on its own and you may just realize you never really had people that truly cared. Well that was my case when I saw that it wasn’t hard at all to walk away. Kinda sad but with my head held high because I was actually honoring myself which I had never done and that was at the very beginning of my journey.

At this point and time in my recovery and work I am doing on myself anything that no longer serves me or makes me feel less than I can walk away with no guilt at all and that is a great feeling. Recovery is possible. I currently have 21 months sober and I can say I don’t think of a drink or a drug the way I did and that is true transformation. People, places and things play a huge part.

I believe the root of the majority of addiction is trauma. I also dove into EMDR therapy. That was the best decision ever. I can proudly say that my support system was therapists, counselors and recovery specialist and I would not change a thing about that little circle of mine. I’m very grateful for them actually they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Well I hope this reaches at least one person. Remember one day at a time, one step at a time. Learning to love ourselves is key. If you have questions do not hesitate to reach out. I am always willing to speak to anyone that asks for it and needs it. The things we look at change when we change the way we look at things.

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