How to Use Zindee Files (WITH PICTURES!) Download, Extract, & Edit

So you took the dive and bought from ZINDEE!! You, my friend, are in for quite a treat! But, you’ll need to know how to use those adorable files that the gals at Zindee work so hard on. So here we’re going to cover how to use Zindee files, with a Windows computer and Cricut Design Space.

Step 1. Locate the Files in Your Zindee Account
On the Zindee homepage, find the navigation menu at the top of the page. Click account. This will open a new page with a list of account links.

Click downloads. There you’ll see a list of all of your available downloads. Scroll through the list and locate the file you want.
Step 2. Download the Files
Click the blue bar with the file name to begin download.
In my browser (Chrome), downloads appear at the bottom of the window. When the file is finished downloading, click to open it.
Step 3. Extract the Files
When you open the file, it’ll be a compressed folder (.ZIP) file. You need to extract the files into a new folder. In the upper-right corner, click Extract All.
The files will automatically extract into either your downloads folder, or your desktop. You can change the destination by clicking “browse” and selecting the folder you want your cut files to appear in. You can also select “show extracted files” if you want a new window to open to view your extracted files. Then click extract. (tip: pay attention to what folder your files extract to, because you’ll need to know where to find them).
Once you’ve successfully extracted your files, you can open them in whatever software you’re using to edit and create your designs. I use Cricut Design Space, and have limited or no knowledge of other platforms, so I’ll be finished this tutorial on Design Space. Once you open DS, click upload on the bottom of the left panel.
Click upload image.
Here’s where you’ll need to know where that file went. Some files extract into their own folders, like this one. If you see a file instead of a folder with the shape name, you can skip this step and go to the next one.
We’re looking for the .SVG file here. It may have an internet explorer icon next to it. When you locate the file, click open.
Because it’s an .SVG file, there’s no cleanup necessary! It’ll save with all the layers. Just click save.
Step 4. Open, Edit, Cut!
Select the file in your images library, and click insert images.
As I said, it will open with all the layers grouped together. The easiest way to edit the files is to ungroup all the pieces. Then you can change colors, remove pieces, etc. When you’re done, select all pieces of the same color and weld them together for easiest cutting. (For instance, select al the dark blue pieces and weld; then all the light blue pieces; and finally the black pieces)

Then you can proceed like any other project! Cut and apply. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by submitting a comment or send me an email at Happy Crafting!

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3 thoughts on “How to Use Zindee Files (WITH PICTURES!) Download, Extract, & Edit

  1. Breanna says:

    Would first like to say this is amazing and super helpful for first time keychain makers like myself! My question is, after ungrouping, removing pieces or changing colors and welding back together does it go back to the correct cutting size ? I’m finding that I’m always having to resize my projects. Specially the black back piece because I don’t use glitter like most people. I don’t mind my keychains showing a small acrylic edge but should I have to resize the files every time ?

    • Emily M says:

      Hey Breanna! Thanks so much, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed the first of (I hope) many helpful tutorials.

      To answer your question specifically, when you ungroup/group, weld, etc., it won’t change the size of the blank. I’ve heard of problems with sizing, but I’ve not experienced them before. But, I’d still like to help you troubleshoot the problem! It may help me if I know a few more details. Did you successfully extract the files before uploading them into the design software? Are you using Cricut Design Space? And is it a problem with just one file, or multiple files?

      The piece that is usually black and designed for the background is purposely sized just a bit larger than the acrylic itself. To be honest, I don’t know why they do it that way. So if it just hangs over the edges a bit–that’s just the way it’s designed, and you’ll have to resize them. If the design is much larger and it’s only one design but others work fine, it may be a problem with the design. Zindee updates their files occasionally, and sometimes things go a bit wonky. But if it’s a big size discrepancy and it’s happening with several or all files, then there must be a different problem (and solution!)

      Feel free to respond to this comment or send me an email at with some more information and I’ll do my best to help you through it! 🙂

      Emily M.

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