Your donations save lives

Recovery Bees makes charitable contributions every month to nonprofit treatment and outreach organizations nationwide. Your gift purchases have helped women and children all over the country find the support and help they need.

Now we want to give back even more. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation of any amount through PayPal and help women and families worldwide find recovery. Save a life today. Any amount can help.

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Our donations will always be available for public record. We post regular updates across our social media channels to show how much we’ve received in donations, how much we’ve given, and where the money went. Now, when you donate you’ll be able to choose where your money goes, and we’ll always update you on how your contribution benefitted your community.

Keep our community running

A small contribution of $15 can help keep our community up and running for a month. Anything more than that can help us make the improvements to expand and grow, making ours the go-to place for women in recovery everywhere.

community outreach

Our shop donates 10% of all its profits every month to nonprofit programs nationwide. Help us match our donations to provide women the treatment and assistance they need and to educate our children on the reality of addiction and the nature of recovery.

support our members

Our members log on from around the world to give and receive support every day. Help us help them when they need us most, whether it’s buying diapers and food or paying for treatment for a woman in need. We all need a little help now and then.

make a general donation

If you wish to support our cause but have no preference for its specific purpose, you can make a general donation and we’ll use it at our discretion wherever it’s needed most. In most cases, funds will pay for the website first and the rest will be divided evenly into a separate account for the urgent needs of our members and into direct donations to various nonprofits and other women in need of treatment.