Our mission is women supporting women. Our goal is to prove that recovery is possible.

What IS Recovery Bees?

Recovery Bees is a community of women in recovery from addiction, eating disorders, mental illness, abuse, trauma, and more. There are so many communities like ours. Some of them serve men and women. Some of them are made for women in recovery from addiction. At Recovery Bees we recognize that many women need the kind of support that only another woman can offer, and that many of our afflictions, be it substance abuse or sexual abuse or mental illness, go hand-in-hand. We seek recovery for the woman as a whole, to foster a sense of belonging that begets a self-love that is imperative to a life of lasting recovery.

At Recovery Bees, we wish to raise and encourage a generation of women who aren’t afraid to speak out against their abusers, and to speak up about their own afflictions, illnesses, and trauma. We aim to show women everywhere that there is no shame in having struggles or asking for help. Our goal is to be a voice for women who are too afraid to use theirs, and to prove once and for all to women everywhere that we do recover and we recover better together.

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Why Do We Do It?

Choosing to seek and maintain lasting recovery is a momentous occasion in a woman’s life and should be celebrated! We created RecoveryBees with just that in mind.

At RecoveryBees, we host a world-class community of women in recovery who will mourn your losses and celebrate your victories. We’re the kind of friends who will tell you when you’re wrong, then pick you up, dust you off, and help get you back on your feet.

We want to see you succeed, because you deserve the best.

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The Recovery Bees community can’t function without its amazing, committed volunteers. Do what you love and help yourself while giving back to your recovery community and helping others. It’s a win-win-win. Sign up for any number of opportunities, or get in touch with us to collaborate on something big that fits your goals and your schedule.


Get in on the ground floor of the Recovery Bees movement and join a community of women who will be there to support you every step of your journey. You don’t have to be an addict and you don’t have to be in recovery. If you’re a woman or identify as a woman and you need a better support system or you want to make a difference in the lives of women just like you across the globe, then you’ll want to be on our team. We’re breaking down barriers, fighting stigma, and raising up a generation of women who are unashamed of their pasts and unafraid of their futures.

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    Emily is a sober mom located in central Florida. She began using at the young age of 12 and continued to use for roughly 14 years. After going to jail, losing her home, and nearly losing her children, she made a commitment to get and stay sober. She’s attended 12 step meetings, tried marijuana maintenance, used methadone and suboxone, been through countless therapists and outpatient treatment programs–she’s done it all. Today she lives a life free of drugs and alcohol and is learning to love herself and give herself grace.

    Emily is a Christian and married but recently separated due to problems created in active addiction which fanned the flames of a toxic and abusive relationship. She currently lives with her mother and her three children–Nova (6), Elara (2), and Atlas (6m). In addition to her work with Recovery Bees, she works full time caring for her children and helping her mom, part time as a gas station attendant, and she runs a small business creating gifts for women in recovery. She hopes to soon become certified as an addictions counselor and work with sober moms and women in recovery like herself.